Design Work


Computer Landscaping Design

Whether you are looking to spruce up one corner of your yard or re-landscape the entire property. It's the job for Scenic Sculptor.  What we do is take digital photos of the area to be landscaped and  enter them into our computer design software. Then we "virtually"  construct the project by adding different plants, features and colors.  We can work with your specifications (price range, plant type or certian  theme) or we can create something from entirely from scratch. We then  print a copy of the proposed landscaping and show you what we've come up  with. From there we consult with you and make any revisions you like.  This is your property and we want you to be more then happy with the  outcome. When you are 100% satisfied with what we offer we can get to  work and make your vision of a beautiful yard come to life.


Railroad Ties

A common way to create a retaining wall, a flowerbed, a garden or a play  area is by using railroad ties. Some of you may already have railroad  ties currently on your property but over time they have split, warped or  rotted. Losing the appeal they used to have. Well bring your yard back  to life by replacing those worn out ties or even create a new railroad  tie feature and make your yard look more appealing once again.