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Organic Solutions

Today more then ever before people are wanting more environmentally friendly solutions to their pest control needs. Well Scenic Sculptor is pleased to announce that we can now offer some of those solutions. What we offer are environmentally friendly beneficial insects and organisms used to control your pest insects. These "beneficials" are safe for people, pets and plants.

Most common "beneficials" used are:

Lady Bugs

Praying Mantids

Beneficial Nematodes

Lady Bugs:
These little helpers eat dozens of harmful insects such as aphids, potato beetle larvae, chinch bugs, mites and various insect eggs to mention a few. They are both an attractive and cost effective way to control pests.

Praying Mantids:
These hunters are good for larger pests. Spiders, assorted beetles, as well as mites and eggs are fair game. These are good in conjunction with Lady Bugs because mantids will not eat them.

Beneficial Nematodes:
These are microscopic non-segmented worms that seek and attack pest insects. These do not harm plants, earthworms or pets. Beneficial Nematodes are perfect for an abundance of pest insects. Such as fleas, ticks, ants, termites, roaches and a whole assortment of grubs and beetles.



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